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Time to rethink your packaging material

Established in 1986, Twinplast Ltd is a family run business and the UK’s only dedicated manufacturer and supplier of recyclable corrugated polypropylene solutions. Twinplast Ltd provide its customers with comprehensive, cost-efficient solutions that are uniquely bespoke and specialised to exact requirements. Twinplast Ltd has worked with many leading businesses across the UK producing products that adhere to applications for retail, horticultural, industrial, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, packaging, FMCG, logistics, pharmaceutical and many more.

Originally based in Watford, Twinplast Ltd outgrew the premises and three years ago moved to a larger manufacturing facility in Dunstable. Since then the company has invested heavily in new equipment and completely rebranded itself with a brand new website that launched last year and a refreshed new look that has received high praise and compliments from existing and potential customers.

As a manufacturer of polypropylene fluted board, Twinplast Ltd offer a unique, bespoke service to its customers. We spoke with Don Parr, Sales & Marketing Director who explained more, “We extrude polypropylene as sheet and subsequently cut to bespoke sizes per client. The sheets are then either sold as sheets for temporary protection to the construction industry for floors or worktops, and for signage its mostly ‘For Sale’ signs to the property industry. It is also prolifically purchased by large format printers mainly for retail clients for marketing purposes for advertisement displays in high street retail stores, sides of buses, underground stations, roadside, and more. However, our unique capabilities also extend to the internal design and production of standard and bespoke packaging by cutting and creasing flat sheets to enable the assembly/folding into endless packaging types and designs, ie. pick bins, tote bins, waste bins, trays, storage, protection and transport boxes, POS, to name a few.”

The sheet material is available in various specifications from 2mm to 10mm thick and from 250 gsm to 2,000 gsm to enhance the strength and performance. Twinplast Ltd offer coloured board and print to the client’s specification and a range of additives to improve protection and performance, ie. anti-static to prevent static build-up in warm conditions, UV stabiliser to protect external board from degradation outside, and fire retardant to stop material catching fire. Its boxes and packaging usages are applicable to a vast range of industries and can be as diverse as a box to transport human organs inside, to carry live bees, tote bins for components, to trays for bakeries. From a packaging point of view, it does everything, “If our customers can think it, we can usually do it,” stated Don.

Particularly important to the FMCG and medical industries, is the access to reliable, robust and reusable solutions for packaging, boxes and bins. Corrugated polypropylene is the number one choice because it is inert, robust, and recyclable. Furthermore, where cardboard can be good for only four or five return trips, corrugated polypropylene can last for over 100 hundred return trips, making it the best possible cost per trip choice over cardboard. As corrugated polypropylene is resistant to moisture, grease and chemicals it can be kept clean and presentable. Furthermore, Twinplast Ltd have an anti-microbial additive that can be included in the material at the production stage to provide additional protection inhibiting the growth of most harmful bacteria for the duration of the products life, which is why it is favoured by food, pharma and medical clients.

Twinplast Ltd is very experienced when it comes to designing packaging for pharmaceutical and medical uses and its solutions have proven successful over the years. Each solution can be made to any size and evenly divided into sections to prevent product migration or breakages.

Extruding polypropylene is a very clean process and in no way harmful to the environment, Twinplast Ltd even add recycled material to certain jobs to minimise the use of Virgin material which is on point in the present environment of hypersensitivity to plastic packaging and the disposal of it. Besides being reusable and 100% recyclable, polypropylene has a far lower carbon footprint when compared to cardboard which can be more harmful to the environment when produced and recycled, as well as contributing towards deforestation.

Plastic has received a bad reputation, with many disregarding the material due to ‘plastic pollution’. However, it’s not the manufacturing or usage of plastic that gives it poor sustainability values, it is the poor education around how to dispose of it. Twinplast Ltd not only recycle and produce from waste off the machines during production, but also offer clients various 360 solutions regarding collection, processing and repurposing their waste material. “Not one bit is ever wasted, it is used and re-used to its entirety. Our ethos is to minimise our sheet/packaging waste going to landfill,” stated Don.

Offering a complete 360 total solution, Twinplast Ltd also provide full bespoke design, custom-printing, custom-finishing, fast turnaround, and prompt delivery services. Its packaging solutions create immediate identification branding in a wide colour range or colour matching, finish, with a range of quality print options via its innovative design to client service. Whether it’s a one-off concept prototype or thousands of bespoke products for UK or international destinations, Twinplast Ltd provide the highest level of service, quality and creativity. As the most cost-effective form of packaging, polypropylene is fast becoming the most favoured material for boxes and packaging as it not only has a long life due to its durability, but also can be designed to withstand a wide temperature range to -20°C.

Offering an inexpensive process, from a raw conceptual idea to delivery within two months, Twinplast Ltd offer a significantly quicker and more cost-effective solution to most packaging alternatives. “Everything we make is specifically tailored made for every customer with an unrivalled turnaround, as these days a speedy dependable delivery is crucial for our customers,” said Don.

In the future, Twinplast Ltd predict profitable growth coming from many areas as Brexit continues to make it much harder and expensive to export to the UK, with lead times extending into months compared out Twinplast Ltd’s 2-4 week lead-times. “We are one of few that design, manufacture, convert and print this type of product. There are converters that buy sheets from manufacturers, but we are the perfect example of a one stop shop. Polypropylene is infinitely reusable, 100% recyclable and a really versatile product, what’s not to love.” stated Don.

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