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Derry Bros Shipping Ltd / Derry Bros Customs Clearance Ltd

Derry Bros Shipping was established in 1964 by the late Jim Derry, since 2005 his daughter Brigid became CEO of the business. Due to the impact of Brexit, Brigid created Derry Bros Customs Clearance.

Derry Bros Customs Clearance was established in 2020, and within a year, has grown quickly to become a medium-sized business in its own right, offering a range of custom clearance services to more than 500 customers throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Derry Bros is a leading customs clearance and shipping agent, working with hundreds of businesses daily in Customs, and thousands of businesses in Shipping.

Winning The ALL-Ireland Business accreditation award in 2021. Over 5,000 client business needs have been successfully responded to with a 100% customer satisfaction rating since the business started.

Derry Bros trader support team provides customers with a range of specialist services including Import and export customs clearance for the UK, Ireland and Rest of World; safety and security declarations; TRACES, PEACH and IPAFFS entry; supplementary declarations; The new business offers a range of specialist customs clearance services, including imports/exports; ENS; SFDs; GMR/PBN; TSS; Traces/IPAFFS; transits; and supplementary declarations.

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