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Reducing the investigation lifecycle through intelligence, efficiency and integrity

In this issue of Products & Services Review, we are pleased to announce Black Rainbow as our Computer and Network Security Company of the Month.

Established in 2017 by Morgan Sheehy and Dr James Kent, Black Rainbow was formed for the sole strategic intent of providing a modern and innovative solution for organisations within proactive and reactive investigations and operations. The company has, and are, transforming the way intelligence, investigations and evidence are managed, solving inefficiencies and managing risks faced by Law Enforcement, Government and Intelligence sectors with The Investigation Platform, NIMBUS.

Nikki Moscrop, Head of Law Enforcement & Government – UK explained more, “NIMBUS is the first integrated investigation case and quality management system available to the market with numerous capabilities. Every bit of information is recorded in a co-ordinated way enabling investigators to see the bigger picture, optimising decision making with an effective and defensible audit trail. We call it The Investigation Platform.”

NIMBUS has been transformative and is streamlining the way the global market has operated previously where companies are no longer dependent on spreadsheets, unsupported open sources, or siloed systems for their investigation management requirements. NIMBUS provides complete control and visibility of the investigation lifecycle, supported with defensible evidence tracking, task management and reporting, all of which are underpinned by compliance to the latest quality standards and procedures.

As investigations become more complex and time sensitive, physical and digital information needs to efficiently make its way into the central source of the investigation/operations command. NIMBUS absorbs this information rapidly to understand and build a visual sequence of events. Gathering this data and converting it into relevant, useable information for presentation as potential evidence has historically not been simple. NIMBUS is designed to streamline this process, reduce data duplication and optimise decision making whilst maintaining investigation integrity and disclosure rules.

For some time, the disciplines around intelligence and investigations have been separated. Dealing with siloed data naturally incurs time penalties in time sensitive situations and this has come through legacy working practice lagging technology. Nikki continued, “Today NIMBUS delivers this from the inception of any intelligence through to the conclusion of the case to be in one secure, permissioned environment. This allows reporting, sanitisation, dissemination and analytical work to be of benefit to any permissioned user utilising the technology via watchlist, notifications and alerting. Once again driving efficiency to provide the right information to the right person at the right time. NIMBUS then becomes the digital room assistant empowering investigators to accelerate investigations.”

Moreover, NIMBUS has a further integral capability specifically for intelligence generation, management, analysis, and reporting. Building on the basic case or incident data available within Operational Analytics, giving real time access to potentially invaluable information, this rich source of pertinent data can enable important pattern matching across cases where no obvious links were previously known or risk profiling.

We asked Nikki what one of the key benefits to NIMBUS was and she answered, “To be able to build a flexible software for on premise or cloud deployment with mobile device compatibility. Furthermore, once deployed, our customers can manage the user interface with any configuration changes allowing them to adapt to changes in the way they work now and in the future. This brings huge advantages to our end users as they do not have to wait or incur any additional costs.”

Here is some of the feedback from customers who have benefitted from NIMBUS.

“Prior to having NIMBUS, all aspects of our investigations were recorded and managed across multiple solutions such as email, spreadsheets and on employees’ devices. Having NIMBUS allows up-to-date, accurate and auditable recording of casework which has been game changing.”

“When looking at the other options during our procurement process NIMBUS was the only tool that fully met our needs and was capable of managing investigations, evidence, forensics, and ISO accreditation.”

“We have a much-improved overview on the current status of each ongoing investigation. The management of some several thousand data objects would not be possible without NIMBUS. Additionally, NIMBUS helps us standardise the required steps during an investigation to gain reproducible results and even automate certain tasks and therefore reduce our workload.”

Headquartered in Ireland, Black Rainbow also has offices in Suffolk, UK and in America with its most recent opening in Reston, VA, to aid the expansion of its US customer base. Specialising in IT software for investigations and forensics, the main sector of which Black Rainbow works within is the investigation and intelligence market, and this includes customers within Policing, Law Enforcement Agencies, Government, Financial Institutions, Corporate companies with insider threats and risks, forensics, and more.

Black Rainbow brings to you an all-in-one solution that is a collaborative management system for Case Management, Quality Management, Asset & Inventory Management, Staff & Training Management and Orchestration & Automations.

Looking ahead, the next phase for Black Rainbow is further growth and resilience to meet the market evolution. “Our mantra has always been about providing usable technology to the industry that we have all worked and served in for many years. As a team, Black Rainbow genuinely wants to help and make a difference in how we all go about our daily work and will continue to engage with our customers and focus groups on enhancing NIMBUS at every step,” said Nikki.

Investigate faster and smarter with Black Rainbow.

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