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Life without boundaries

A life without boundaries is now a very real possibility for many amputees with the new Freedom QUATTRO Knee by PROTEOR.

This latest Microprocessor Controlled Knee (MPK) from PROTEOR harnesses the power of Hyper Active Real Time Technology (H.A.R.T) Control Technology to track individual walking styles and respond to changes as fast an anatomical knee. It’s the first MPK to provide a distinctly personalised experience resulting in a custom gait which users describe as the ability to ‘walk like me’ but that’s not all this powerful MPK has to offer.

MPKs can have a significant effect on what is achievable for those that find using prosthetic limbs for higher impact activities like golf, cycling, and dancing, challenging. The Freedom QUATTRO offers 20 customisable, activity-specific modes; such modes allow the behaviour of the knee to be tailored based on individual needs whilst performing a given activity. The result is a knee that supports you to not only take part in but also enjoy your favourite activities. A great example of this is Golf Mode, which limits the amount your knee flexes while playing golf.

Modes are easily controlled from the Freedom Innovations patient app. The app gives patients a degree of control over the device by allowing you to fine-tune it and keep your movement comfortable by altering settings like resistance by up to 10%. Clinicians also have a specialised app – Gait Lab, allowing simple set up in clinic for both the prosthetist and patient, minimising time spent in clinic and giving you more time to do the things you love.

The Freedom QUATTRO also features key functionality like on-board keypad control allowing you to check battery status, manually switch activity modes or set and release flexion lock, IP67 water ingress certification, and a manual lock conveniently located in the app or via the knee keypad.

Jade, a patient who recently trialled the MPK said, “The QUATTRO knee has genuinely changed my life, I’ve never felt as normal as I did with it! Its capabilities were amazing, I even went back to the gym, which is something I never thought I’d be able to do again. I really think it will make a massive difference in so many amputees lives.”

You can enjoy life without boundaries too. To see if you’re eligible for NHS funding and to arrange a 30-day trial, speak to your prosthetist today.

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