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Furr Boost is a hit at London Vet Show

Furr Boost was the inspiration of Louise, who for over 20 years was a technical manager to the food industry. Louise’s Beagle, Phoebe at the age of 18 months became unwell with bladder problems which after investigations with her vet, were linked to the dog’s food. Using her technical food background, Louise then started experimenting with protein shakes to help flush out Phoebe’s system and to provide her with the hydration that she needed when she was refusing to drink enough water particularly in the summer months. This led to the creation of the Furr Boost range of smoothie drinks.

After years of product research and development, Furr Boost was launched in 2020 and started trading in December 2020. The product very quickly started to gain traction. The drinks are unique on the market. Each of the recipes contains a real meat, fruit and vegetable, along with added oils and vitamins, so it’s more than a hydration drink, it supports the dog’s wellbeing in areas such as digestion, skin and coat, anxiety, metabolism and immunity.

Furr Boost can be used in a variety of ways. Served frozen, it can be placed in a Kong Toy or lick mat for dog training or as a distraction, or simply given to a dog as a tasty icy treat. Unfrozen, it can be added as a topper to meals or on hot days, simply pour into a bowl for instant hydration.

The drinks are available in six tasty flavours; Chicken, Butternut Squash and Cranberry; Beef, Broccoli and Blueberry, Pork, Sweet Potato and Apple; Venison, Butternut Squash and Cranberry; Salmon, Sweet Potato and Blueberry and a Plant Based drink for dogs with protein allergies, with a seasonal, limited edition: Turkey flavour for Christmas.

Furr Boost won Best New Product at the PetQuip and Pet Industry Federation Awards in 2022 and made the regional finals of the Start-up Awards last year.

The London Vet Show saw the brand attract key colleagues from across the vet industry who were keen to learn more about Furr Boost and its benefits, as well as being a solution for dogs who don’t drink enough or as a way to encourage eating, especially after bouts of illness or recovery from surgery.

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