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Andersen: Precise. Reliable. Proven.

Andersen Sterilisers exhibited at London Vet Show again in 2023 and we were pleased to be able to introduce our new model Anprolene EO steriliser – the AN75 range, with a new colour touch screen, higher level of sterilisation and an improved consumables. Feedback from customers new and existing was excellent.

Because your patients are right, every patient deserves a sterile instrument – every time.

Most veterinarians purchase an Andersen Steriliser for a particular instrument and later find so many other items they can sterilise with it. Items such as laparoscopic equipment, endoscopes and electrical equipment to name a few.

Put an Andersen Steriliser to work:

  • Protect your patients from infection
  • Preserve your instruments from damage

Our award-winning technology makes ethylene oxide sterilisation a cutting-edge modality again. The sterilisation power and incomparable compatibility of EO, deployed with such efficiency that Andersen uses 90% less gas than our nearest competitor – while still achieving terminal sterility.

There’s no need for patient or pet-parent concern, upgrading from disinfection to sterilisation is easy and affordable with Andersen.

We have been selling EO sterilisers to the veterinary industry for over 50 years. Our in house sterilisers include ambient temperature table top units or faster heated units.

If you prefer to outsource we offer a small volume fast turnaround service from our own labs.

Choose the new AN75 range room temperature sterilisation or our EOG as 4 steriliser with 3 and 5 hour cycles for a faster turnaround.

Sterilise anything your Autoclave can’t plus everything it can!

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