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In this issue of Products and Services Review, we have selected Sonoco TEQ as our custom Packaging and Components Company of the Month.

The company Q Holdings was formed in December 1979 by Graham Drake and Steven Percival, trading under the name Plastique Ltd, this was then acquired by TEQ in Feb 2016 and TEQ was later acquired by Global giant Sonoco in Jan 2020.

Sonoco TEQ provides concept-to-completion thermoforming and injection moulding solutions, specialising in sterile medical, pharmaceutical and consumer product packaging. The company creates custom packaging and specialty components, which deliver innovative and sustainable design, engineering and manufacturing solutions to healthcare and commercial markets.

Sonoco TEQ holds a global presence, with locations in Nottingham UK, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Poznan Poland, Huntley and Fremont USA. In total, Sonoco TEQ has more than 30 thermoforming lines in Europe and the U.S., and maintains one of the largest installations of Kiefel machines in North America. The company also boasts redundant cleanroom manufacturing cells in all of its Sonoco TEQ locations, to maintain the high integrity of its packaging and components across locations. Its injection molding facilities house 30 additional injection molding machines, both in and out of cleanroom environments.

“Sonoco TEQ is proud to offer a friendly and flexible approach of a smaller business with the resources and expertise of a global corporation in the vacuum forming, packaging, design, and manufacturing industry. Boasting In-house design and manufacture resulting in a dynamic development department that improves flexibility, reduces lead times, and ultimately costs which continue to benefit our customers and their requirements to ever changing demands.

Our clean room facilities, equipment and processes are identical in all locations offering a turn-key solutions and flexible, secure approach that can tailor to each customer’s requirements while reducing the carbon footprint of both companies,” added Asia Heathcote, Regional Sales Manager UK and Ireland.

Sonoco TEQ works in collaboration with every customer, to create custom packaging and components that meet their specific packaging needs, sustainability objectives and testing requirements. The company offers a comprehensive range of in-house capabilities including: custom design and development, Kiefel thermoforming, injection molding, rapid prototyping, deep draw forming, process validation, stability testing and supply chain management.

Through its comprehensive range of services, Sonoco TEQ has positioned itself as an industry leader in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative healthcare, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaging and custom products by providing total solutions through its in-house capabilities and industry partnerships.

A noteworthy recent development, the company recently acquired an injection moulding facility in the Netherlands. Sonoco Plastics BV is based near Rotterdam, Netherlands and produces millions of injection molded parts with high optical properties, which is used in Diagnostic and Clinical Chemistry instruments. Through this recent acquisition, Sonoco TEQ is now able to offer a range of cleanroom manufactured thermoformed and injection molded packaging and devices to the pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

In other developments, after the recent implications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have faced new challenges and adaptations to their normal operations. Sonoco TEQ also noticed these challenges, however the company’s loyal customer base and its ability to react to increased demand, placed the company in firm position throughout the pandemic. “As we are an essential business in many ways it was business as usual, but we have had to change and adapt with the new industry dynamics, but the flexibility of our business model has been of a true benefit to both our company and our customers,” stated Asia.

As a forward-thinking company, Sonoco TEQ maintains many plans to continue on it trajectory, furthering its offering for customers and to continue searching for more environmentally friendly solutions. Asia explained, “We are dedicated to finding more sustainable and user-friendly packaging solutions for our customers, striving to continuously improve our products and services while growing our brand and presence in the medical, pharmaceutical and consumer sectors.”

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