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Wristees® helping cold hands stay warm

Bristol-based company ‘Anna Falcke’ is embracing change. It designs and makes a unique range of scarves and accessories including the very popular fingerless glove – Wristee®. All Anna Falcke collections are hand-made in the south west. A small team of home sewers creates a very successful range, investing in the local economy, reducing air pollution and keeping its carbon footprint to a minimum. Function, good design, durability and the least impact on the environment are very important to the brand. Anna Falcke products last for many years and need minimum washing.

Wristees® have been incredibly successful and are the company’s best seller. A super-soft fingerless glove that really does help keep hands warm when fingers need to be free. There are different collections using a variety of fabrics, made for all ages, men, women and children and available in an array of colours. The regular most popular Wristee® is made from a high quality polyester fleece that has been especially pleated to improve its insulating qualities by trapping warm air around the wrist. The benefit of covering the wrists is remarkable, more so than wearing gloves in many circumstances, which are often on and off a lot of the time.

For 2021 the company is continuing to locate and use sustainable environmentally friendly fabrics with traceability and GOTS certification including a NEW organic cotton collection of wristees® and scarves – super soft and incredibly comfortable.

Watch this space for more developments in its eco-friendly accessory collections that are being made for 2022.

Anna Falcke has a wide customer base including: gardeners, dog-walkers, mountain bikers, hikers and many more, including people with circulatory conditions including Raynaud’s. Great for wearing indoors too – draughty offices, workshops, etc.

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