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The future’s bright, the future’s Inkfuse DTF

Direct-to-film (DTF) printing is a new technique on the market which has already grown in popularity across the industry. It was the talk of the town at this year’s Printwear & Promotion Live Expo, back in February where suppliers and customers alike loved the print quality, proving an excellent choice for printing photos, colourful designs, graphics to fine art onto light and dark coloured-polyester, cotton, nylon and fleece. The main advantage is that the ink doesn’t absorb into the fabric, but is simply pressed on top, in a thin-like, smooth, almost-elastic, robust layer. The print finish is resistant to cracking, throughout washing processes and has proven product longevity.

Based in West Yorkshire, Inkfuse DTF prides itself on exceptional product knowledge and customer service, offering transfers, printers, consumables and printer repairs. Formed during the first COVID-19 Lockdown, Inkfuse DTF has grown exponentially as co-owner, Richard Mitchell, explains, “The company started as a vinyl cutter and cheap heat press during the first Lockdown by my fiancée Sabina. We soon evolved from a few single colour t-shirts, to full colour DTF transfers. We now have a production unit, a separate show room, and are growing rapidly each month with more and more staff needed. We have two print operators, two office staff for arranging artwork & customer questions and two expert-engineers for printer installations and repairs.”

The role of the company is to establish strong and influential relationships with its DTF community, to support and guide as well to train the customers on using the DTF printers.

Why is DTF printing becoming so popular you may ask?
The DTF printing method is much faster than any other printing type. It has become THE game-changer of the eCommerce Custom business because it is so easy to print images directly onto specialised films and then transfer straight to clothing using heat.

We asked Richard what makes their services so special over competitors, “We like to believe that our knowledgeable engineers and the customer service we offer, is our superpower. We have the fastest turnround on the DTF transfer market, offering same-day shipping on the DTF transfers and consumables, with additional next day delivery for those last minute, rush jobs. All our printers are hand-delivered with full onsite training and continued support.”

DTF printing offers a greater versatility to other printing technologies and offers a new way to transfer designs to garments, working excellently on 100% cotton materials. Furthermore, DTF prints have a higher resolution and are more cost-effective than DTG printing.

Shop the best DTF printers on the market at award-winning Inkfuse DTF. Offering an unwavering commitment to delivering only the best printing services and innovative solutions for the dynamic world of Direct-To-Film (DTF) machines, Inkfuse DTF has established itself as a printing company that, in addition to providing the highest quality printing service, also offers the best advice, knowledge, and support when running a DTF machine.

Whether you’re looking for slushing solution, instant hot peel dtf sheets or premium DTF inks, Inkfuse DTF stocks it all. As well as a large portfolio of DTF printing accessories, Inkfuse DTF have some of the best DTF machines in the current market.

The launch of the 40cm gravity ace i3200 printer has been highly popular with customers across the UK. The cutting-edge printer offer DTF transfers for a wide range of fabrics, including leather, wood and canvas. The two-head printing system comes fully calibrated, with comprehensive training given on the printer and software.

Inkfuse have now added UVDTF and is available via:

T 01977 361200