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In this issue of Products and Services Review, we are pleased to announce Zeus Packaging as our Packaging Solutions Company of the Month.

Head-quartered in Dublin, Ireland, Zeus Packaging is globally known for its innovative sustainable quality packaging solutions that can be tailored to the modern consumers lifestyle needs. As a leading specialist distribution and manufacturing group that has reached a global revenue of upward £400 million, the company has built a prestigious network of operations that are overseen by its 850+ employees worldwide. The company operates in 26 countries across 45 locations, to which some of these include the UK, Europe, Australia, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, Canada, China and the US.

“We are a solutions led business providing innovative packaging solutions to our customers. Through people excellence, innovation and technology we proactively develop new, better and leaner ways of packaging that reduce waste, improve quality, increase efficiencies and enhance the unboxing experience. We are specialists in packaging solutions, designed to maximise our customers’ profits,” stated Keith Ockenden, CEO of Zeus Packaging.

Keith Ockenden, CEO of Zeus Packaging

Since its establishment in 1998 by Irish businessman Brian O’Sullivan, Zeus Packaging’s customer focus has always remained a long-term strategy that has helped develop and maintain a solid loyalty and trust from its customers. “We are constantly focused on our customers. We assist our customers to improve their efficiency and productivity within their organisations by providing the best-in-class customer experience. Our aim is to ensure our customers are at the cutting edge of performance and presentation,” said Keith.

Working alongside its strategic partners, together with their own manufacturing capabilities to develop new and innovative products, Zeus Packaging has the ability to then anticipate upcoming trends in the industry. “These encompass new packaging technologies, high performance materials and creative new systems,” added Keith. In support of this, the company also has sourcing and production capabilities across Europe & Asia, and can assist its customers in consolidating their packaging supplies across its ‘One Stop Solution’ that can help leverage businesses economy of scale for more competitive pricing, standardise product range, reduce working capital, and reduce administration costs.

Zeus Packaging holds a wide range of generic stocks, but also offer ‘Stock & Serve’ solutions with the ability to service customers globally through its strategically placed facilities. The company provide solutions for a wide variety of applications from Food Services to Manufacturing and Agriculture sectors. Its product offering includes packaging for Industrial & E-commerce, Food and Retail, Janitorial and Hygiene, Hospitality, Agricultural, Fashion and Retail. Its full ranges are ZEUSPACK – Industrial Packaging, ZEUSFOOD – Food & Beverage Packaging, ZEUSEPICROP – Agricultural Packaging, Zeus Russell Will – Hospitality Supplies, ZEUSSTYLE – Fashion Packaging, and ZEUSHYGIENE – Janitorial Supplies.

In recent news, Zeus Packaging officially opened its Packaging Experience Centre at its UK Head Office in Biggleswade in April 2022. “This 1,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility is the next step in Zeus’s strategic growth plans, following our recent acquisitions in the UK, Ireland and Canada. Bringing together our packaging technologists and marketing, sales and design teams, our Packaging Experience Centre is a creative space where our customers can discover the latest innovations in the packaging sector and receive impartial advice on best practice, new and improved materials, and the latest sustainable options. Our Packaging Experience Centre provides an end-to-end review for customers of their packing needs and existing business processes. We partner with our customers to rethink and optimise their approach to packaging, reducing waste and improving the end-user’s overall brand experience,” explained Keith.

The Packaging Experience Centre delivers a complete packaging solution that falls in line with the customers brand values. The Centre’s solutions are built on four pillars: Innovation, where the latest and greatest packaging in the world is showcased and can be completely tailored to the needs of its customers business; Sustainability, which is a key driver in helping customers rethink their packaging solutions; Design, where each designer is encouraged to create packaging solutions that work harder for its customers brands and can be seen, touched and taken away on the day, and lastly; Solutions, where each designer works collaboratively with the customer to understand and access their needs and packaging operations which then helps form an overall solution to the trickiest of problems.

Zeus Packaging also offers a packaging audit driven by six sigma and lean management, and additional key services such as on-the-spot CAD designs, creation of tailor-made samples and the delivery of training by in-house experts. Its team of Packaging Technologists take a consultive approach to helping unlock hidden value with your business through best practice, materials
and innovation.

Looking to expand its reach and to complement its overall service, Zeus Packaging is currently rolling out a €35 million investment strategy, the latest acquisition being Agri-Flex, a Canadian supplier of crop packaging products and horticultural consumables. In October 2021, the company acquired Limerick Packaging, a leading supplier to the Irish industrial and transit packaging market.

Speaking at the time of the announcement, Keith said, “The acquisition of Limerick Packaging is a major step in the next phase of our growth plan. Integrating both Limerick Packaging’s and Zeus’s industrial and transit packaging reach in Ireland, coupled with our foothold in the UK market, will deliver economies of scale, operational efficiencies, and customer service improvements. It will also allow us to provide a more comprehensive range of products and services for our combined customers. Zeus has sourcing capabilities across Europe and this move will realise greater supply chain security to our business within Ireland.

“Growth in the home delivery sector is seeing demand for packaging increase by over 20%. This acquisition brings our combined corrugated packaging scale to over €35 million, positioning us as one of the top three suppliers for corrugated packaging in Ireland. It will better enable us to provide both bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions to Irish businesses and cements our ambition of becoming the leading industrial and transit packaging supplier across Ireland and the UK.”

With COVID-19 causing many disruptions within the packaging sector, from the move to remote working to the impact on the global supply chain, Zeus Packaging has strategically navigated its way through to come out the other side on top. This is mainly due to the change in consumer dynamics as the rise of E-commerce has exponentially hit new heights. As a result, the company has started to see a rise in demand for its food and supermarket-based products and packaging for those sectors. In response, the company has accelerated its online retail and home delivery services for both its food-to-go and food packaging solutions.

With a bright future ahead, Zeus Packaging is set to lead the way in best business practice and high-quality customer service for many years to come.

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