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Pret A Manger go live with Terryberry’s bespoke Employee Benefits Platform and Wellbeing Hub

Pret A Manger have become the latest company to go live with Terryberry’s complete Employee Benefits Platform alongside a Wellbeing Hub, which is designed to support employees’ physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

As part of the launch, Pret A Manger will now have access to a new Offers and Discounts platform, designed to help support employees during the cost-of-living crisis. With the platform giving users potential savings of up to £3,000 per year. Alongside a recognition platform that will connect all 8,000 employees in the UK, and encourage a culture of recognition across all locations.

Emma Spencer, Senior Pay & Benefits Manager at Pret A Manger, said, “We are excited and delighted with our new bespoke one-stop benefits and wellbeing platform. This now allows all our employees across the UK to access their Benefits and Wellbeing offerings in one easy to access platform and App.

“We were really impressed with the new features that Terryberry were bringing to their benefits and wellbeing platform. This played a big part in our decision to partner with Terryberry as we could see great potential and knew the impact this would have for our teams.

“The initial response from all our staff has been fantastic and we have seen engagement levels increase across all teams since the platform was launched, which has had a positive impact on the culture within the business.”

In response, Ian Feaver, Managing Director of Terryberry UK, said, “To fully create a culture of engagement within a business, we felt that it was important to build a space where all employee benefits could be accessed from a single location, making it easy for employees to take care of their mental, physical and financial wellbeing as well as redeem their rewards and benefits.

“We are really excited to be working with a business such as Pret A Manger, who are one of the biggest brands in their space. We feel that we have the best product available in the market and that is attracting the biggest clients now.”

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