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Pet Trade Innovations launches a BRAND-NEW dog treat range: Wonderful World of Treats

Congratulations to Pet Trade Innovations, winners of our Product Innovation Award

Pet Trade Innovations, a leading player in the pet industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest brand: Wonderful World of Treats. This exciting development underscores Pet Trade Innovations’ dedication to providing innovative and high-quality products to pet owners worldwide.

The ‘Wonderful World of Treats’ brand is set to revolutionise the pet treat market with its commitment to using only the finest ingredients to create delicious and nutritious treats for dogs. These crafted canine-treats inspired by the flavours of human cuisine bring an exciting twist to any pup’s snack time. Hand-baked in the UK, the brand uses sustainable packaging and each bite-sized soft treat is specially formulated.

The four products include: Sushi Treats, Pizza Treats, Cakes Treats, and Burger Treats. Each product is nutritious and grain-free, has the ideal shape to be used as a training snack and come rich in protein. The Cake Treats are also confirmed as Vegan Friendly. The treats boast many mouthwatering flavours that include Veggie Pizza, Meat Feast Pizza, Berry Cake, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, Chicken Burger, Beef Burger, Duck Maki, Salmon Maki and California Roll. Available now.

“We are so excited to have launched this new dog treat range ‘Wonderful World of Treats’ in April 2024. This is a completely new brand and dog treat company that is going to completely turn the dog treat industry upside down and change what people traditionally would expect from a dog treat,” stated Liane Avery, Operations Manager at Pet Trade Innovations.

Since 2016, Pet Trade Innovations has been continuously searching to bring the newest and most innovative pet friendly products to the UK market. Founded by Steve Driver, the company seeks to help new and existing designers to be successful in the pet trade market. This could be through helping to bring their products to market, helping brands to launch their products into overseas markets or helping brands to enlarge and strengthen their UK distribution networks.

“Every member of staff is a pet owner themselves and we think this is vitally important when it comes to inspiring our innovative creativity of bringing new products to market. Everyone in the firm has their own unique ideas and we are constantly being approached by people who have a product they wish to launch to the UK markets.

“Our products are all created to solve a problem. For instance, the Bamboodles dog chews were created to solve the issues of dogs constantly having their owners hold the bones while they chew. The unique T-shape allows them to hold the product in their paws and chew away and the special formulated chew toy is infused with Bamboo to stop it snapping or breaking – it simply flakes away,” added Liane.

The Bamboodles T-Bone boasts a natural strength that comes from the bamboo fibre combined with nylon fibres to create a long-lasting, durable chew toy that is suitable for all dogs, including the more aggressive chewers. Aside promoting better oral health by removing tarter, reducing inflammation in the gums and cleaning the dog’s teeth, the T-Bone is a great distraction for the dog, keeping them entertained and quiet for hours. Its easy grip T-Bone shape can be held by dogs while they chew, mimicking natural behaviour.

Pet Trade Innovations are masters in product development and have a tried and tested approach of bringing new products to the UK market and seeing them flourish. Offering a complete product and brand development solution, Pet Trade Innovations work with you to create a strategic, bullet-proof process that aligns with your brand, product and business objectives. Using their combined experience of over 40 years within the sector, Pet Trade Innovations is uniquely placed to assist with any new products or ideas you wish to launch into the Pet or Vet market.

Furthermore, to ensure your product is given the best chance to succeed in the UK market, Pet Trade Innovations offers a wide range of coaching services aimed at any new inventor entering the market right up to a major overseas brand looking to grow their UK sales.

Steve Driver

Pet Trade Innovations can help with: Business Plans, Logistics Advice, Pricing Strategies, Marketing Plans, Customer Information, Amazon & Online Support, Trade Show Strategy, IP and Branding, Manufacturing Sourcing, and Importing & Warehousing.

Looking ahead, Pet Trade Innovations is committed to driving growth and innovation across all aspects of its business. Key pillars of the company’s strategic vision for the next five years include: helping more brands launch and expand into UK and overseas markets, continuing its sustainable and ethical business practices, to continue investing in the next big talent or technology brand suitable for the pet industry, and above all else, to continue building relationships with clients that foster long-term loyalty and satisfaction.

“The company is growing every day and we have some really exciting new products coming to the market this year. We have also recently taken on a sales and marketing team that will inevitably boost our profile and help to invite more clients to join us on our exciting journey,” added Liane.

For more information about Pet Trade Innovations and its strategic vision, please get in touch below:
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