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Intelliclad receives sound praise for its fire safety alarm system

The Minister of State for Building Safety and Fire recently visited residents in a Croydon apartment building to further understand the installation of Intelliclad’s innovative and patented alarm system that installs smoke detectors into the external façade alongside an internal alarm system that confirms to current guidance.

Impressed by its design to boost safety and remove extortionate Waking Watch patrol costs, Lord Greenhalgh commented, “Intelliclad approached me in response to my call for new technology that might ensure the risk of fire and fire spread could be mitigated at buildings rather than going down the route of full remediation. I’ve enjoyed learning more about the system and would encourage more innovation of this nature such that safety risks in more buildings can be mitigated.”

Lord Greenhalgh continued a full tour of the building, where conversations of future use, installation processes and technology background took place. Knowing full well the scope and competency of its fire alarm system, Darron Brough, Intelliclad Founder commented, “Meeting Lord Greenhalgh gave us a fantastic opportunity to showcase how Intelliclad and our team can help address building safety issues across the UK. Our product is compliant, thoroughly tested and has been endorsed by credible names within the fire safety world.”

In closing, Darron stated, “We wanted to show Lord Greenhalgh the practical application of our system in a real life setting and explain how we are already helping those affected by the Cladding Crisis, especially after years of research, development and building relationships with building owners and managers with a view to boosting the safety of residents.”

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