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Immersive Learning, Evolving…

The multi-awarding brands and services of Immersive Experiences will be back at New Scientist Live 2024 even bigger than before!

New Scientist Live is all about embracing science in all its facets, and at our past events Immersive Experiences has always encouraged school children, teachers, and interested third parties to discover whole new worlds through their advanced 360° projection domes. They have even offered some delicious space food ice cream!

But over 2023, Immersive extended its might in multiple directions, and its offerings going forward will be more extensive and engaging than ever.

Founded by CEO Zee Dinally back in 2014, this global technology powerhouse has provided unforgettable enthralling experiences across schools, museums, business sectors, theme parks, and sports and entertainment venues. With over 200 programs and experiences to choose from, Immersive Experiences offers the world’s largest fleet of planetariums and domes, and covers the National Curriculum from Early Years to graduate level with subjects including…

Sciences like Astronomy, Biology, and Geology

  • Humanities like History and Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Arts like Music, Dance, and Photography

…and much, much more.

Awarded the ‘Best Mobile Planetarium Specialists’ by Greater London Awards and also a five-star National Education rating, the UK-based company has inspired around 150,000 schoolchildren annually, and over half a million children at events around the world.

Over the past few years, Immersive has added Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) benefits for young learners. Imagine a VR geography field trip to the Himalayas: the towering soft-capped mountains, the peak touching the clouds, the contrasting lush green valleys below and bright colours of the Tibetan national dress. Such experiences offer students ‘firework’ moments, where they truly connect emotionally and can remember the experience through feelings as well as thought.

There are numerous benefits for educational establishments too. All staff are registered with the Enhanced DBS Update Service, and all equipment is fully risk assessed, PAT tested, fully compliant to ISO9001 standards, and brought to your door.

The experiential learning programs are designed for all children, including those with SEND learning needs, and can be dubbed or subtitled into the following languages: Arabic, Catalan, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Polish, and Russian – perfect for newly arrived schoolchildren to the UK with English as an Additional Language.

Also in 2023, Immersive Experiences purchased Epic Tales, the highly praised storytelling brand built by author Chip Colquhoun and illustrator Korky Paul. Immersive’s ownership enabled Epic to instantly become preferred supplier for English Hub, the UK Dept for Education body supporting schools with literacy. Soon after, Epic published its first educators handbook – All the Better to Read You With: Stories & Lessons to Inspire Reading for Pleasure.

With Epic on board, Immersive now offers a full STEAM experience, with the added Arts helping STEM become even more engaging. For schools focused on raising literacy standards, Immersive’s Epic is one of the world’s most trusted brands. And for events, Immersive’s Epic will leave audiences happily enthralled.

Epic is also Immersive’s publishing arm. Every month sees the release of at least one new children’s book illustrated by the award-winning Korky Paul, coupled with an educators edition revealing how those tales can teach English, Maths, Science, and more.

Recently, Chip was invited to meet HM Queen Camilla to discuss their mutual passion for sharing the joy of reading among children. This golden opportunity left an Immersive-Epic publication in royal hands! With such approval, the Immersive-Epic connection is one you’ll surely want to benefit from.

Find out today how Immersive Experiences can bring dynamic learning to your school today and read testimonies from UK schools:

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