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Georgie Paws dog collars and leads

Georgie Paws offers high-end, handmade, sustainable, and eco-conscious Buffalo Leather Dog Collars, Leads & Chew Toys. Designed and directed Violet, Georgie Paws is the result of her idea at the age of 13 on a drive through outback Australia, wanting quality products for her dog George. Her distinctive Dog Collars, Leads, Gifts, and Accessories, draw inspiration from traditional equine designs with her own twist of creative, bright colours.

All leather products are made using buffalo leather. Buffalo leather is used extensively due to its sustainability, religious neutrality and having an innate sturdy structure that requires less chemicals than other commonly used leathers.

In recent years, Violet identified the demand for biodegradable chew toys when she found a 15-year-old rubber chew toy in the garden that was as good as new. Horrified that traditional chew toys may litter the earth for decades; Violet developed a fun and sophisticated line of all natural toys that return to the earth.

After remarkable opportunities such as pitching to the Sharks on Shark Tank and multiple award nominations, Georgie Paws has been able to flourish, providing exquisite leather accessories for your hound internationally. Now, Georgie Paws is a successful Daughter and Mother business, selling to lifestyle and garden centres globally, truly a purveyor of beautiful things for your hound. Georgie Paws’s next event will be at the Top Drawer Spring event in January 2023, where new designs and ranges for the following year will be first seen and introduced!

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