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Foilco launches foil scans to provide more creative opportunities in print

Foilco, supplier of the world’s widest range of stamping and decorative foils to the print industry, has teamed up with Chaos (a world leader in CGI software) and Where Giant’s Roam (a 3D visualisation studio) for a project that sees 270+ of Foilco’s foils digitally scanned in true-likeness and available to digital artists and rendering studios as a workable material file.

Demonstrating the value of foil to clients during the design stage can sometimes be challenging. However this development allows designers to apply real world foil effects to their designs, showcasing to clients the appeal foil brings to packaging.

Brands and clients can see a wide array of different foil choices on concepts without the need for physical mock-ups (long before it goes to press) reducing a project’s total carbon footprint, material wastage, and saving time and money during the development stages of a project.

“The creation of these amazing digital assets provides a fantastic future resource for all visualisation firms around the world to ensure photorealism in computer generated imagery,” said Rhiannon Porter, Managing Director at Where Giants Roam.

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