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Eco-friendly packaging for smaller UK companies

In this issue of Products & Services Review, we are delighted to select Profile Packaging as our Bespoke Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Company of the Month.

We have previously featured Labels International, one of seven successful divisions of J & A (International) Limited: a powerhouse in the garment decoration speciality industry. Labels International offers an extensive wide-range of custom label products in high-resolution colour printing.

Now it is time to turn the spotlight onto Profile Packaging, the newest addition to the J & A family, already making waves in the packaging sector. Established in August 2022, the division offers the following products: boxes, bags, pouches and stickers. The web-based service offers users the chance to design stylish, eye-catching, bespoke packaging, with access to expert customer service support throughout.

Any creative startup or new cottage industry will tell you how important packaging is for branding and customer satisfaction. It is no longer an afterthought; it is integral to first impressions, product protection in transit and company reputation. Etsy first-timers, through to SMEs are looking for sustainable, eco-friendly packaging as this is now market-driven by customers. The Chartered Institute of Marketing makes no bones about publishing its annual ‘poll of shame:’ the worst plastic packaging repeat offenders. Its report last year found that 8/10 respondents wanted more sustainable packaging from all companies.

The Plastic Packaging Tax, brought into effect at the start of this financial year is designed to incentivise more recycled plastic and places a higher levy on plastic packaging produced or imported into the UK.

With this mind, all eyes are on sourcing sustainable packaging and for first-time or smaller businesses, this can be a minefield.

Profile Packaging is here help to alleviate this pain point with a user-friendly web-based service for customers, as Amy Salmond: Customer Sales Executive at Profile Packaging explains, “We’ve already had a hugely positive response to our newest division: Profile Packaging. Our full range of products from mailer boxes, pizza-style boxes, wine boxes, to twist handle bags, pouches with windows and add-on stickers have all gone down a storm.”

“Often when you go onto Amazon, you can only bulk buy orders of 500 flat-pack mailer boxes, whereas we can offer much smaller bespoke orders, for the more discerning customer. Some new, smaller businesses are just starting out, are testing the water and don’t have the budget for large packaging orders. That’s where we come in.”

“For example, if you’re looking to sell sustainable coconut or rapeseed wax candles, with hemp wicks, then you are most likely looking for the most sustainable packaging materials on the market. Luckily, again this is where we come in.”

“Our mailer boxes are made from E-flute (1.5mm thick – 440gsm) corrugated cardboard. This is 100% recyclable, with recyclable content (60-70%), biodegradable, composable, plastic-free, vegan-friendly and from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) sources.”

“That’s not all. FSC corrugated cardboard is often produced without dyes or bleaches, further increasing its recyclability and they have one of the best recycling percentages across any packaging material. The FSC is a global, NGO that has been focused on promoting responsible management of the world’s forest for almost thirty years. The FSC forest certification system is globally recognised for wood, paper and other forest products made with materials that support responsible forestry.”

“Corrugated cardboard is fully biodegradable and takes up to a year to degrade. Your customers will love being a part of the circular economy!”

The ‘flute type’ is referred to as the corrugated section in the middle of the two liners and the size of the flute (height) ranges from E, B, C, BC, to EB. The ‘E-flute’ is considered a very fine flute and offers excellent compression, strength, crush-resistance and for design purposes, and a higher-quality flat surface for printing. The E-flute is favoured for its easy foldability and is the product of choice for e-commerce packaging across many sectors.

“Our FEFCO 0427 style – Mailer Boxes are definitely our most popular box products, to date. Customers love the choice of suggested sizes or bespoke options. With interlocking flaps and wings, they are intuitively easy to assemble and need no adhesive to assemble and lock, making it even more sustainable. The double-thickness sidewalls offer more protection than standard corrugated cardboard packaging during the transportation process. When the item/s are ready for shipping, why not consider a customised, recycled paper sticker to seal the boxes? Profile Packaging offer high-end, recycled paper stickers in sheet format. Available on matt white or brown kraft recycled material, they add a unique branded or customised touch to your packaging,” added Amy.

Profile Packaging prides itself on its web-based, yet personalised customer service as Simon Holderness: UK Sales and Marketing Director outlines, “Profile Packaging is the newest, welcome addition to our long-established Lincolnshire family.”

“When it comes to designing packaging, some customers are a dab hand and know exactly what design or colouring they want, whereas others struggle to get started or might get lost on our online service. Amy is happy to help all customers throughout the week. She will guide you through the free Canva account service if required: the online graphic design tool, with the option of an upgrade to the premium Canva Pro service if required. Canva is the go-to-tool for companies around the world looking to create beautiful, bespoke designs from scratch.”

“We don’t just stop there though. We are currently looking at the feasibility of introducing a new AI-design tool in the future, to help our customers further. AI offers an unlimited, imaginative world of design possibilities and could take your designs from doable to dazzling, at the touch of a button within minutes.”

So why should you use Profile Packaging?

  • Rapid lead times on delivery
  • Competitive pricing for smaller orders (minimum order: £17)
  • Customised sizing and designs with eco-friendly, premium inks
  • Convenient online design tool
  • Ideal for low-volume, self-employed businesses
  • Samples available on request
  • Highly sustainable corrugated cardboard packaging
  • Expert (human – not robots!) customer service support
  • UK-based company – supporting UK businesses

If you’re looking to launch a new product line, re-brand existing models, wish to order a sample or simply need some advice and guidance on packaging, contact the sales team today through the contact details below:

Please contact
T 01790 729900 (new customers)
T 01790 729901 (existing customers)