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CP Cases: Providing bespoke protective equipment cases for transit & storage

In this issue of Products & Services Review, we are delighted to select CP Cases with our Industry Excellence Award, for outstanding contribution to the design and manufacturing of high-performance, protective cases and racks.

With over fifty years industry experience, CP Cases has unparalleled expertise in producing cases, 19-inch solutions and bags. With state-of-the-art in-house facilities and expert engineering with rotomoulded plastic, aluminium, laminated plywood, HPP, textiles and CNC foam machining, this Isleworth-based company is top of the class.

Established back in 1971 by current Managing Director and founder, Peter Ross and his then-business partner, Chris Sherwin, the company produced one of the first to market flight cases for the live music industry, such as The Rolling Stones and Queen during the halcyon days of the 1970’s. The touring case for legendary rock band, The Who is incidentally, proudly on display at the reception headquarters.

Since that time, CP Cases now offers a broad range of protective, operational transit cases for broadcast and media, defence and security, medical and scientific, offshore and many other sectors. Many of the products are accredited to MIL-STD-810, rated IP65 and carry NATO stock numbers. With eight flagship products, across seven markets and a state-of-the-art 31,000 sq.ft. facility, this powerhouse company means business.

We spoke to Laura Poole: Head of Marketing Communications to find out more about this market-leader, “Customisation is our main USP and at the heart of everything we do. We don’t offer off-the-rack products – 95% of what we do is a custom solution built especially for that customer, using the latest CAD design processing and rotational moulding and CVC machinery.”

“We are based in Isleworth, West London, with a second base in Delaware, USA and we have the skills and expertise to help you avoid damage to precious assets during transportation. We realise that this damage can be costly and time-consuming and ultimately impact on hard-won reputations.”

“Everything we make is methodically designed and manufactured with high-quality materials and rigorously tested. If we further improve our products, we will tailor our products so that they leave no room at all for damage – and they make your everyday business easier.”

With equipment that’s vital to businesses, protective care quickly becomes a priority and CP Cases is the trusted brand in this instance. Protective casing can often become an afterthought for companies though, leading to panic-stricken conversations about how to protect the latest cutting-edge advanced technology. Luckily, with in-house CAD design and precision-driven manufacturing, the expert team at CP Cases can get to work immediately on last-minute bespoke orders.

Some of the most popular products include the following:

  • Protective cases: Lightweight but resilient, available in different materials and for varying applications.
    19-inch racks and enclosures: Sturdy products that are easy to move and offer climate control, water resistance and much more.
  • Rugged textile cases: cushioned bags for equipment, designed for easy access and fragile equipment.

Customised rugged textile equipment cases can be expertly made for the broadcasting, medical or defence industries. With many broadcasting agencies covering war-torn areas, the danger of artillery firing impacting on equipment is ever-present. Journalists often cover areas hit by torrential rain, due to climate change, making it imperative to have robust rain covers for cameras, at all times. Defence companies need key satellite communication equipment protected day and night during transportation and CP Cases offers robust, fully padded cases. With impact-resistance, anti-vibration, anti-fungal, and anti-static inherent qualities, customers are rest assured that their precious assets are protected with these precision-designed cases.

CP Cases has the edge over competitors through its excellent understanding of the potential climate conditions and other threats facing assets under its protective care during cargo transit. This could include the following:

  • Pressure changes, vibrations and freezing high-altitude temperatures during flight transit
  • Water ingress during oceanic transit
  • Dust and humidity in extreme hot climatic zones
  • Electromagnetic interference.

The expert team will endeavour to understand the nature of each individual business: namely the types of goods being transported and how to mitigate against individual transportation threats. The protection strategy is precision-designed, with years of expertise and best
practice, leaving customers assured that their assets are in safe hands.

With over fifty years’ experience, this leading company is always looking to stay ahead of the curve with its latest product design, including the Vapour Compression Cycle (VCC2) system, which Laura explains further, “Our latest Vapour Compression Cycle (VCC2) system is a compressor-based portable air conditioning device engineered to provide high-level, efficient air conditioning in remote locations, while simultaneously meeting the demands of defence and civil operations in extreme environments. The IP55-rated VCC2 system has been meticulously constructed at the highest level, with the added benefits of low maintenance costs and easy-usability.”

The 19-inch rackmount protects equipment from heat, humidity and freezing conditions, ideal for remote conditions with extreme temperatures.

Furthermore, there has been a lot of exciting renovation work going on at the on-factory at CP Cases over the past few months, including the latest installation of a lift. Alongside many other UK companies, CP Cases is joining the big push to meet the UK Government’s net-zero targets, showing its unwavering commitment to long-term sustainability.

Meeting net-zero targets is at the core of this innovative company, with the latest focus on environmentally-friendly waste, as Laura elaborates further, “We have been trying to find a good solution for all our foam off-cuts and scrap pieces for a long time. We use off-cuts where possible, which reduces waste a little, but we were still sending up to 10 bags a week to landfill.”

“We are now happy to report that we have signed an agreement with Ramfoam Ltd for them to collect most of our scrap/waste foam free of charge, which will greatly reduce our foam waste going to landfill by perhaps 90%.”

“The waste foam will be sent to Finland where it is ground up and used as a base layer on 5G Football pitches. It is really exciting to see this progression in lean manufacturing – helping us move closer towards our carbon footprint & sustainability targets.”

CP Cases is also a fully-fledged ally of onshore manufacturing, with all sourcing and production of goods going through its UK in-house manufacturing site for the UK market, whilst the American Delaware facility is focused wholly on the military market across the USA.

Looking towards the future, this dynamic company is excited about expansion into different markets to widen the company’s remit. This includes a sales forecast of increasing sales and production in the USA by 50%, over the next 10 years. With the recent on-site rotational moulding facility addition, service capacity of customised manufacturing has increased exponentially.

CP Cases is a truly worthy recipient of our Industry Excellence Award: demonstrating its fastidious commitment to excellence, innovative design with the latest Vapour Compression Cycle (VCC2) system and unwavering commitment to meeting UK net-zero targets.

“It’s great to receive this award and the recognition. We always strive for excellence and innovation with everything we do and we hope to use this award as a stepping stone to keep that standard,” concludes Laura.

For more information on the full product range, please see the details below:
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