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Camping made easy: Offering the freedom to holiday anywhere

In this issue of Products & Services Review, we are delighted to announce Isabella as our Awning Manufacturing Company of the Month.

Since the COVID-pandemic, camping and caravanning has boomed in the UK as part of the unprecedented summer staycation. One in five Brits took a camping or caravan holiday, according to market researchers Mintel. What’s astonishing, is that for 4.5 million of those, it was their very first experience in a tent or caravan.

A typical Summer British campsite is filled with caravans, motorhomes, tents and trailer tents, all enjoying the great outdoors. Trailer tents have gained in popularity, with new models featuring the latest technical upgrades and available in new, attractive colour ranges.

Camp-let was established in 1969 in Arnum, Syddanmark, Denmark by two brothers, Hans and Poul Nissen. The Camp-let products remain a renowned brand across the camping and caravanning world today.

In 2016, Isabella Group acquired the Camp-let business, who continue to produce in the same Arnum factory. Isabella has been a leading manufacturer of caravan and motorhome awnings, trailer tents, camping furniture and equipment and a full range of accessories since 1957.

Camping Magazine, part of has been Britain’s No.1 camping magazine for over 60 years. Editor, Iain Duff, chose Isabella’s new Camp-let North trailer tent as the best buy for 2022. With upgraded modifications, the integrated poles allow for a speedy set-up, leaving you more time to enjoy the great outdoors. The roomy living area and ventilated sleeping cabins are perfect family holidays, with additional sun canopies and annexes available as optional extensions. The robust isacryl canvas material makes this a serious long-term investment, retaining its value for years to come.

“The aim of the company is to offer an easy, comfortable camping experience,” commented Nathan Leighton, Field Sales Manager at Isabella International Camping Ltd.

“Camp-let is a Danish word meaning ‘easy camping’ in English, and that has been the enduring motto since 1969. Not only this, it is very important to the company that the quality craftsmanship of the trailer is perfect. This is still apparent today, as they are each handmade by professionals with many years of experience. We are able to offer a repair service on the canvas with our in-house repair teams across Europe.”

The Camp-let trailer tents come in two models: North and Passion. The North-model as already highlighted, is incredibly user-friendly, with a quick, convenient set-up. The roomy 18m2 interior sleeps a family of four, with additional bespoke sleeping compartments or kitchen space available.

The Camp-let Passion is a luxury trailer tent, perfect for an enjoyable stay in the great outdoors. The identical 18m2 interior can be easily extended to accommodate up to eight people, adding an annex on either side. This ergonomic trailer tent has integrated dark curtains: guaranteeing a comfortable daytime interior climate, coupled with blackout features for a perfect night’s sleep.

One of the main advantages of a trailer tent over a caravan is its lower weight (on average just below 500kg), making it a perfect towing companion for all vehicles, even a touring motorbike! In strong winds, caravan motorists are advised not to drive, due to safety concerns and hairpin bends in the Scottish Highlands or Italian Eastern Alps are inaccessible for caravans.

The trailer tent is lightweight, easily manoeuvrable on tight bends and isn’t affected by strong, gusty British winds!

Isabella has road-tested Camp-let trailer tents towed with electric vehicles, checking safety and fuel-efficiency. Extensive tests have shown that there is negligible effect on electric vehicle charging capability. This is good news for electric car owners everywhere: now you drive an eco-car and continue to enjoy the great outdoors.

As mentioned earlier, the whole outdoor leisure industry inadvertently boomed during the COVID-pandemic, with many new Brits trying camping or caravanning for the first time, as Nathan elaborates, “Once the country was allowed some more freedom, this is where our industry had a massive boost, as international travel was not possible, but people still wanted a holiday. Therefore, we had an influx of new users into the industry who may not have ever thought about camping before or thought camping was not for them. And despite the abroad holidays returning, people have found that the new freedom of having a trailer is unique: you can go on holiday virtually whenever you want.

“Our historical customer base has always varied from people who have had caravans previously and now want something easier and smaller to manage with towing and set up.

“We believe our current target audience is families with young children, that have enjoyed camping in tents previously, but now want the next step up with off-the-ground sleeping, cooking options, etc.

“We also cater to the outdoorsy/adventure people who like to cycle, walk, paddleboard, etc. This gives them a base where they can then go out to enjoy their hobbies. The additional extras that we can offer, such as bike racks, storage bags/boxes etc give the opportunity to take their hobbies with them and easily.”

For those die-hard caravan fans, reluctant to convert to trailer tents or those hesitant about its comfort or functionality, Isabella offers a ‘try before you buy’ scheme. Customers can hire the North or Passion model for a maximum of four consecutive nights. After the trial, if you would like to purchase a trailer, the price of the hire is refunded from the cost: terms & conditions apply.

Isabella will be launching a new trailer tent model at the Caravan Salon at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany from 26 August-3 September 2023.

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