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Art, creation and design come together to create beautiful jewellery

In this issue of Products & Services Review we are proud to announce that we have selected Ayala Bar as our Jewellery Company of the Month.

Ayala Bar Jewellery began life in the early 1990s. As a child Ayala was inspired by seeing her uncle creating plant pots from cement which would be decorated by stones or glass, like a mosaic. While this was just a hobby to him, Ayala soon realised that she wanted to create jewellery, but jewellery that was more individual than most other jewellery, that wasn’t typically gold, silver or plastic.

Ayala Bar’s jewellery makes much use of mosaic patterns, she would collect colourful stones from the desert to use, or even natural stones that she would paint afterwards. Ayala has always enjoyed making use of different materials and textures, and this is what makes her jewellery so different from mainstream, pieces.

The design team and headquarters are in Israel. Sigal Distribution is the official distributor for the whole of the UK and Ireland. This company set up has really helped Ayala’s jewellery get noticed. Sigal Ivry, the director of Sigal Distribution, told us, “We have set up exhibitions of Ayala Bar Jewellery. When people see it, their reaction is ‘Wow!’ as these are works of Art, not just jewellery.”

The most popular products are part of the ‘Classic’ collection – this is a ‘safer’ collection as not all customers are adventurous enough to try the ‘Signature’ or the ‘Hip’ collections. The jewellery sells worldwide, with a large market in the US especially, and there are long-term distributors in many different countries. Distributors sell them mainly through galleries, museums or very high-end gift shops.

In addition to the ‘Classic’ collection, Ayala also produces the ‘Hip’ Collection which features a variety of textiles, the ‘Radiance’ collection, which features to the picture behind the glass, and the more unique ‘Signature’ collection, and this is where she thinks outside the box to create amazing pieces of one-off jewellery.

The Signature collection is where Ayala gives herself freedom to create something new, which has nothing to do with her other collections or products. Ayala does this to keep her work fresh. As an artist, these pieces are where she is the most creative, and these pieces will not repeat themselves, they are totally unique. Ayala sees her jewellery as pieces of Artwork that can be worn, and she pours all of her creativity and skill into each one.

On her website, Ayala concludes, “I am happy to think that I can bring joy to others through what I make. I am fortunate to have the scope to develop and refresh my collections rather than remain static. It is my hope to continue to evoke curiosity and intrigue through my artistic productivity. For me, this is the true essence of what Ayala Bar stands for.”

For more details about the jewellery, visit:

Or for the UK distribution centre, visit: and register as a stockiest in order to place orders.

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